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Calculate the energy efficiency of your property and get tips on how to improve your consumption.

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The PRO Rio Energia Program is the energy benchmarking program of the City Hall of Rio de Janeiro. Here, you find the online platform for calculating energy consumption in buildings, allowing visualization of consumption performance compared to typological and market patterns, to identify improvements and prioritize Reforms.

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The City Hall of Rio de Janeiro, through the Planning Office of the Subsecretariat of Planning and Monitoring of Results of the Civil House, was the winner in an application to the Innovation Fund of Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance – CNCA, created to invest in high potential projects that develop, test, implement and amplify sustainability strategies and practices. The Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance - CNCA is a collaboration of international cities committed to achieving aggressive long-term carbon reduction goals. The Alliance addresses what will be needed for major international cities to achieve these ambitious emission reductions and how they can work together to achieve their respective goals more efficiently.