• This document establishes the Terms of Use (“TERM”) applicable to any and all people who use the PRO RIO ENERGIA SERVICE (“SERVICE”), provided by the CITY HALL OF RIO DE JANEIRO (“PCRJ”)/MUNICIPAL PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION OF RIO DE JANEIRO. The acceptance of this TERM by the USER (“USER”) is indispensable for the use of the SERVICE.
    • This TERM is complementary and linked to the TERM OF USE of the CARIOCA IDENTITY service. In case there is any theme not addressed in this TERM, the clauses contained in the TERM OF USE of the CARIOCA IDENTITY service should be adopted.
    • Please read this TERM carefully before accessing or using the SERVICE.
    • By using the SERVICE, the USER declares and guarantees to have read, understood and accepted the provisions of this TERM.
    • By registering, regardless of whether or not you use the SERVICE, the USER agrees to be bound and comply with the TERM. PCRJ, by itself or by its entities of direct and indirect administration, retains the right to make changes and updates in this TERM, at any time, without the need for prior notice.


    • THE PRO RIO ENERGIA SERVICE is an online platform for calculating energy consumption in buildings, allowing the visualization of consumption performance in comparison with typological and market patterns, to identify improvements and prioritize reforms. From the information provided by the USERS, the platform analyzes these data and then offers information about energy consumption and possible strategies to reduce this consumption. The use of the services functionalities by users is free of charge. The use of the SERVICE for any purpose other than those expressly authorized in this TERM is prohibited.


    • The USER’s access to the SERVICE must be carried out through the CARIOCA IDENTITY SERVICE, to which this TERM is linked.


    • The use of the collected data will be explained in the PRIVACY POLICY OF THE PRO RIO ENERGIA SERVICE, which complements this TERM.
    • By registering, the USER agrees that the SERVICE may use the data informed and collected for the purpose of creating public policies and studies aimed at energy efficient consumption, institutional campaigns, notifications about the services of the application or make various communications to the USER. Such campaigns, notifications or communications may take place by letter, instant messaging, push notifications or any other forms of communication available.


  1. Responsibilities
    • The responsibilities established in this TERM are complementary to those set forth in the CARIOCA IDENTITY SERVICE.
    • It will be up to the PCRJ/MUNICIPAL PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION OF RIO DE JANEIRO to publish and inform the USER of any changes in this TERM through the site (https://prorioenergia.rio/), in compliance with the principle of advertising established in Article 37, caput, of the Federal Constitution.


    • The trademarks, names, logos, domain names and other distinctive signs, as well as any and all content, design, art or layout published in the SERVICE, are the property of PCRJ/MUNICIPAL PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION OF RIO DE JANEIRO, by itself or by its entities of direct and indirect administration.
    • All rights related to the development of calculations related to the platform, will be jointly owned by the CITY CITY OF RIO DE JANEIRO, CARBON NEUTRAL CITIES ALLIANCE/URBAN SUSTAINABILITY DIRECTORS NETWORK, and the companies contracted for development through PUBLIC CALL CVL Nº01/2020, EEL Serviços Digitais AND MITSIDI Projetos.
    • Any form of reproduction of the SERVICE, in whole or in part, permanent, temporary or provisional, free of charge or costly, is expressly permitted in any modalities, forms or titles.
    • The USER is allowed to copy, reproduce, publish, deorder, decomstation, alter, download files, transmit the content generated or made available by the SERVICE for personal use only, and any commercial use is forbidden. Any other use of the content of the SERVICE requires express prior permission of the PCRJ/MUNICIPAL PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION OF RIO DE JANEIRO.


    • The use of the SERVICE in an illegal, fraudulent manner, in disagreement with this TERM or in any improper way, will imply the exclusion of the user’s registration and the prohibition of the use of the SERVICE. Your data will be preserved for use by the competent authorities, in accordance with the applicable legislation, if the PCRJ /MUNICIPAL PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION OF RIO DE JANEIRO is notified or triggered by the violation of the rights of third parties, resulting from the misuse of the system.




  1. FORUM
    • Any disputes or controversies arising from any acts committed in connection with the use of the sites and/or applications by users, including with respect to the non-compliance with this TERM or the violation of the rights of pcrj/MUNICIPAL PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION OF RIO DE JANEIRO, other USERS and/or third parties, including intellectual property rights, secrecy and personality, will be sued in the City of Rio de Janeiro / RJ, renouncing the USER, by himself and his successors, to any other who has or will have, however privileged it may be.



    • THE PCRJ/MUNICIPAL PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION OF RIO DE JANEIRO values the privacy of its USERS and has created this PRIVACY POLICY to demonstrate its commitment to protect their privacy and personal data, in accordance with the General Data Protection Law and other laws on the subject, as well as describe how their privacy is protected by the PCRJ/MUNICIPAL PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION OF RIO DE JANEIRO when collecting, processing and storing your personal information.
    • This PRIVACY POLICY is complementary and linked to the PRIVACY POLICY of the CARIOCA IDENTITY Service. In case there is any topic not addressed in this PRIVACY POLICY, the clauses contained in the PRIVACY POLICY of the CARIOCA IDENTITY Service should be adopted.
    • Additional DEFINITIONS:
  2. Energy efficiency: rational, efficient, energy use;
  3. Energy consumption analysis report: suggested plan to the user with actions to reduce energy consumption after information registered by the USER on the site.
    • This policy generally applies to all USERS of the PRO Rio Energia SERVICE, offered by PCRJ/MUNICIPAL PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION OF RIO DE JANEIRO, and summarizes how THE PCRJ/MUNICIPAL PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION OF RIO DE JANEIRO may collect, produce, receive, classify, use, access, reproduce, transmit, distribute, process, archive, store, delete, evaluate or control the information, modify, communicate, transfer, disseminate or extract the collected data, including personally identifiable information, in accordance with applicable legal bases and all privacy and data protection laws in force.


    • By using the PRO Rio Energia SERVICE, the USER provides essential information for the correct and complete analysis of energy consumption. Thus, through the Forms, information is requested that directly and indirectly affect the consumption of energy (type of properties; types, characteristics and quantities of equipment), and registration in the IPTU to allow the prior completion of information related to the size of the properties.
    • The information transmitted by users is important so that the analysis of the data is as detailed as possible and for the analysis reports on energy consumption can be suggested. In this way, the user is responsible for the accuracy and veracity of the reported data and any lack of veracity or inconsistency will imply the impossibility of correct analysis of the data and consequent correct use of the information provided from this data.
    • The suggestions of the Report are made based on standard consumptionand do not consider possible peculiarities (color temperature of lamps, luminous flux, capacity of air conditioning machines according to the size of environments, water flow to be heated, among others).
    • The detailing of the results of the energy consumption analysis may vary depending on energy consumption benchmarkings and existing literature available for different typologies, used for the elaboration of the online platform.
    • The results presented by PRO Rio Energia are estimated and deviations are expected, and no guarantee can be offered as to the achievement of the results.
    • In order to provide the user with a specific content or more comprehensive analysis of energy consumption, the information collected through the website is stored and used by PRO Rio Energia indefinitely to be analyzed at any time, being certain that we do not make available to third parties personal data of our users, but only the analyses performed regarding market data of use and habits of a given region and / or profile.
    • Therefore, the USER is aware and consents to the collection, storage, processing and use of the information provided, in accordance with this document.
    • Site browsing information: When the user visits our site, browsing information is recorded and may be collected anonymously, information such as IP address, geographic location, reference source, browser type, duration of visit and pages visited. The user can delete the cookies installed on his computer at any time by configuring his internet browsing program.
    • As for the platform, the PCRJ/MUNICIPAL PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION OF RIO DE JANEIRO may collect information that includes the domain name of its internet service provider, the internet protocol (IP) address used to connect the USER’s computer to the internet, the operating platform, the average time spent in the Application, the screens visited, the access times and other relevant statistics. PCRJ employs all this information to measure the use of its digital SERVICES, as well as to manage and improve it.


    • The site may contain links to third-party websites, being certain that the USER is aware and agrees that any sites have privacy policies and terms of use that must be verified by users, not constituting endorsement or any link to the existence of such links on the site


    • If the PCRJ/MUNICIPAL PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION OF RIO DE JANEIRO modifies this PRIVACY POLICY, such changes will be published in a visible way on the PCRJ/MUNICIPAL PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION website of RIO DE JANEIRO. If the USER has any questions regarding the privacy policies of the website, please contact the PCRJ/MUNICIPAL PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION OF RIO DE JANEIRO, through the service channels of the Data Protection Officer (data protection officer of PCRJ/MUNICIPAL PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION OF RIO DE JANEIRO).
    • Any change and/or update of this PRIVACY POLICY will come into force from the date of its publication on the site and must be fully observed by users.


    • The USER declares to have read and understood all the rules, conditions and obligations set forth in this Policy.
    • The USER is aware of and agrees to the collection, storage, processing, processing and use of the Information sent and/or transmitted by the PRO RIO Energia service in the TERMS set forth in this PRIVACY POLICY.